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SureSecurity Covid Response

SureSecurity is fully cognisant of the challenges the pandemic has placed on our communities, customers and staff.

In light if this we have modified our services and practices, and have introduced new product and service offerings to assist our customers.

Our goal is to keep both our customers and staff safe and productive in this challenging time.

We can provide touchless delivery for our products, many of which can be self-installed by the average home or small business owner. These are set up and preconfigured ready for installation.

When our technicians go onsite to plan or execute installations, they follow all necessary safety guidelines.

Products and Services

We provide a range of thermal cameras and corresponding DVRs to fully protect your organisation, which are easy to operate and affordable.

One product example is our integrated thermal camera and screen, which is also capable of facial recognition:

thermal imaging camera

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We also offer a cloud-based pandemic declaration entry and tracking system, that is easy to use and can be quickly tailored to your requirements. This can be driven by QR codes for easy use by visitors using their own smartphones, or added to your website and workstations.

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